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Protect the Texas Economy

As a small business owner in Denton County for over 20 years, Scott knows the importance of creating an environment for thriving businesses. These businesses bring opportunities for job creation and economic stimulus.

During Scott’s tenure, he has navigated through the Texas real estate market as a self-employed independent contractor during the foreclosure crisis and a business owner through the pandemic. Scott brings a practical perspective of the challenges and needs to support an environment for sustainability and overcoming obstacles.

Creating lower tax rates, continuing to ensure vitality and relevance of our education systems, and pro-business regulations that promote job creation and the sustainability of our existing businesses.


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Support the Police and reduce crime

We all see what happens when cities defund the police. Scott supports fully funding our police. It is essential that we get the needed funding to our Police so they can properly staff, train, educate, and support their departments. We have in many cases asked our authorities to provide an essential and dangerous duty at  peak performance with little financial support to accomplish what has been asked. This is a time that we are all facing issues that we have never before had to face. Our officers are being asked to go and perform these duties with little support, sleep, or pay. Our streets need to be safe for our families and we are responsible for supporting that effort.


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Support our Veterans

 As a Veteran of the Texas Army National Guard and three sons currently enlisted Scott fully supports our Troops. He equally honors the necessity of caring for our soldier’s post service. The accessibility to quality health care, mental health, and affordable housing for our disabled veterans are just some of the issues that are among Scott’s priorities.


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Secure our Border

We can not have open borders. There are millions of immigrants waiting to enter the country legally.

We need to have a rational plan to accept people into the country.

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Protect the Second Amendment

Scott is a licensed FFL, NRA Training Counselor, Texas LTC Instructor, Licensed Security Instructor and Personal Protection Officer. Scott owns a handgun training company that has been selected top three in the Best Of Denton County the last 5 years. He has trained thousands of students and certified hundreds of instructors in the safe and proper use 

Scott believes citizens have a right to defend themselves and will always be an advocate for the 2nd Amendment.


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Protect Property Rights

Scott has been a real estate broker in Denton County for over 20 years. He owns 3 real estate offices and understands how important home values and laws that protect the rights of homeowners.

Scott has been a long-time supporter of the Texas Real Estate Political Action Committee. This support has stemmed from the Committee successfully blocking issues related to forced annexation, transfer fees being added expense to a person selling their home, and the bury the line campaign that prevented the devaluing of many homeowners in Frisco.

Our legislation must support property rights and encourage homeownership.


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Stop The Federal Government's overreach

Stop The Federal Government Overreach. Washington needs to let Texans run Texas. They continue to pass job killing regulations and add oversite to our economy. Texans know what is best for Texas. The Federal Government needs to secure our border.  (Read More)

Protect our Children

North Texas is a hub for human trafficking. Criminals need to be locked up and our children protected. Our children need to be in school. (Read More)

Committee to Elect Scott Smith
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